Prospect Turnkey environmental impact quantification for your website

Empower your users to make greener decisions Prospect embeds environmental impact data directly into your website

  • Industrial-grade science you can trust

    Powered by Brighter Planet CM1, the same calculation platform behind solutions for Fortune 500 companies and green apps worldwide

  • Super easy client-side integration

    Built for power users, not superdevelopers—map your impacts using a simple, CMS-like interface and push your changes live in minutes

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Effortlessly transform on-page content into green data

Avoid complex database integrations—just hook Prospect up to your existing web content for automatic, real time, in-place calculations.

Reveal impact for

e-commerce — public transit — travel booking — grocery
servers & hosting — real estate — shipments — billing options

No additional cost for Prospect—pay only standard CM1 pricing

Prospect's impact quantifications are delivered in real time by the Brighter Planet CM1 computational sustainability platform